This oil can be 'fatal' for health, know which oil should be used in vegetables

Health Report: Refined oil is that slow poison in our kitchen which gradually damages our health. Yes, the refined soybean oil that you use from vegetable to paratha can also cause harm like cholesterol, heart related problems, blood pressure, diabetes. In such a situation, which oil should be used to make vegetables and which oil can be beneficial for you, let us tell you.

University of California research on oil

Recently, scientists at the University of California have talked in detail about the harm of soybean oil. In this, some rats were given a diet rich in soybean oil continuously for 24 weeks and its results were shocking. In fact, eating regular soybean oil reduced healthy bacteria in the intestines of mice and increased harmful bacteria, which cause IBD and colitis.

Soybean oil can cause these diseases

Not only this, according to research, linoleic acid is found in soybean oil, which is harmful for our health. Although we can consume 1 to 2% linoleic acid, but more linoleic acid is found in soybean oil than this, which has a negative effect on your microbiome. Research has also found that eating soybean oil can also increase the risk of problems like obesity, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer's, depression.

which oil is safe to eat

According to experts, saturated fat is very harmful for the body. In such a situation, only those oils should always be consumed, in which the amount of saturated fat is less. For example, olive oil is very beneficial for health. Apart from this, you can also consume mustard oil. But you should not use any type of refined oil in food.

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