Unlimited benefits of yoga, it not only physically but also mentally keeps you active

Yoga Benefits: Yoga is considered beneficial for overall health. Generally people are unaware of its benefits. The researchers found that yoga not only protects us from mental problems but also from physical problems. Many researches even show that doing yoga regularly can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Yoga Day (International Yoga Day 2023) is celebrated every year on 21 June to promote yoga at the global level. Health experts say that if yoga is included in your daily routine, then you can avoid the risk of many chronic diseases. Let's know the benefits of yoga...

body becomes flexible

Yoga makes the body flexible and fitness is also maintained. Health experts say that nowadays our lifestyle has become so bad that the body is not able to be active. This is the reason that there are problems in bending over or sitting on the ground even at an early age. Flexibility is less, so the problem of back pain is also increasing.

stress relief

With yoga, problems like anxiety and stress go away. A research by the American Psychological Association found that a large number of people at the global level are troubled by disorders like stress or anxiety. Yoga-Pranayama makes the mind calm and improves mental health. Yoga-meditation releases good hormones.

protect against inflammation

Inflammation is the main cause of many chronic diseases in the body. Problems like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Crohn's disease are caused due to this. By doing yoga, the risk of inflammation is reduced and the body is saved from many diseases. That's why yoga should be practiced every day.

immunity is strong

Immunity is greatly strengthened by doing yoga. By doing yoga-meditation regularly, you do not get sick and the risk of infectious diseases is also negligible. It has been found in many studies that when immunity is weak, then diseases start to surround. In such a situation, yoga can be amazingly effective.

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