Wearing high heels during pregnancy can be 'dangerous'! Your one mistake can increase many problems

Pregnancy And Heels : Women like to wear high heels to look beautiful. Some women even wear high heels during pregnancy. This is extremely dangerous. Women should avoid doing this. According to health experts, heels, sandals or shoes can make pregnancy very difficult. There are many scientific reasons behind this as well. Let us know why wearing heels is prohibited during pregnancy.

What are the disadvantages of wearing heels during pregnancy?

back pain problem

Posture gets messed up by wearing high heels. Wearing it for a long time causes pelvic muscles to bend. Because of this, the back also remains bent. Now, since the body weight increases very rapidly during pregnancy, there is more impact on the posture and the problem of back pain can start. Wearing high heels during pregnancy can also cause problems in the lower back and ligaments of the feet.

leg cramps problem

By wearing high heels for a long time, the muscles of the feet get contracted and muscle cramps start. This problem can increase even more during pregnancy.

Leg balance may be impaired

Due to excessive weight gain in pregnancy, there are many hormonal changes as well. Because of this the ankles become weak and there is difficulty in balancing. Wearing heels can aggravate this problem and also increase the risk of falling while standing, which can be dangerous for both the mother and the child.

swollen feet problem

When a woman is pregnant, swelling in her legs, ankles and feet is quite common. This mostly happens because of not wearing comfortable shoes and slippers. Due to the formation of tight shoes and heels, this problem increases even more.

risk of miscarriage

Wearing high heels and wearing them for a long time can be dangerous in pregnancy. Because of this, the risk of abortion increases significantly in pregnant women. That's why women should avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy.


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