When there is rice in the plate, should it be eaten before roti or after? this is the right way

Roti or Rice: People of South Asia like to eat rice more. Especially in India, people eat rice at one time throughout the day. But some people like to eat roti more than rice. On the other hand, when it comes to weight loss, people prefer to eat roti more than rice. Many people believe that eating more rice leads to weight gain. But it is not so at all. Carbohydratedred is very high in rice. Bread is made from wheat flour, while rice is prepared by refining paddy grains. It is often debated that which is better, rice or roti? When there is rice in the plate, should it be eaten before roti or after? Rice and roti should be eaten in balance. Both are included in the food.

Is it okay to eat roti and rice together?

Bread and rice should never be mixed and eaten. That's why whenever you eat both, keep a gap. When you eat both grains, it sits in the intestine due to which the glycemic index increases. Carbohydrates are abundant in both the grains. Starch starts increasing in the body. Both these grains are not digested properly and swelling starts. In such a situation, both should never be eaten together. This can also upset your stomach.

Why don't you eat rice first?

First eat roti, then eat rice. Rice should not be eaten first, otherwise it will fill your stomach and you will not be able to eat roti again. That's why first of all eat roti and then only rice should be eaten. In such a situation, you should eat roti first and then rice. Due to this, you do not feel hungry for a long time.

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