Why sugar spikes test is necessary for diabetes patients, know this useful thing

Diabetes Test: Due to poor lifestyle and food, diabetes is increasing rapidly. Earlier, diabetes used to make its victim only after the age of 50 years, but now people are coming in the grip of this disease at the age of 30. If you want to keep diabetes away from yourself, then it is most important to improve the lifestyle. A person suffering from this disease should keep checking his blood sugar level daily. Blood Sugar Spikes Test is also necessary.

When should blood sugar test be done?

Due to the presence of sugar level in the blood for a long time, there can be a problem of diabetes. That's why spikes test should also be done at an interval of every two or three days. Doctors say that diabetes patients must do sugar level test before eating and after lunch in the afternoon. If the sugar level is high after lunch, it means that you should make changes in your diet. In such a condition, carbs with low glycemic index should be consumed in the diet. Eating coarse grains, green vegetables is more beneficial.

exercise will help

After testing the sugar spikes, if the sugar level is high, then you should do physical work. Do exercise-workout every day. You should do light exercise at home or in the park. Yoga and Pranayama are very beneficial. Apart from this, drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily to keep the body hydrated.

Do not delay with medicines

Diabetes patients should keep taking their medicines on time. Do not take medicines late at all. Along with this, fix your lifestyle. Set a time to sleep and wake up. Sleep for at least 8 hours. You can control blood sugar by following the rules.

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