World Chocolate Day: If you eat a chocolate daily then what changes can happen in your body

World Chocolate Day is coming on July 7, so today we will talk about chocolate only. Actually, chocolate is such a thing, which everyone wants to eat from children to elders. That's why today we have come up with a report, in which it has been told that if you eat a chocolate every day then what will be its effect on your body. Along with this, we will also tell which is the best chocolate among the many types of chocolates available in the market.

heart disease will stay away

In the year 2018, a report was published by Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, in which it was told that if you eat a little bit of dark chocolate every day, then it keeps your lipid panel healthy and your blood pressure is also correct. At the same time, in the year 2017, the Journal of the American Heart Association found in its research that if you eat a little dark chocolate with almonds every day, it improves your lipid profile and keeps your heart fit.

You will also get relief from period pain

Girls go through unbearable pain during menstruation. That's why if you give them a little dark or milk chocolate during this time, it will give them relief. In fact, according to a report published on Nutrients in the year 2020, 50 grams of dark chocolate contains 114 milligrams of magnesium. At the same time, 50 grams of white chocolate contains 31 milligrams of magnesium. The job of magnesium is to relax your muscles. That's why when women eat chocolate during periods, they feel relief in the pain that occurs during that time.

Can also make a victim of high cholesterol

If something has advantages, then it also has disadvantages. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has done research on how bad it will affect your body if you eat chocolate every day. According to them, if you eat chocolate everyday then it leads you towards high cholesterol and due to this you can become a victim of cardiac arrest. Let me tell you, the sugar and saturated fat found in chocolate are most dangerous for our health.

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